Benefits of Couples Therapy


Benefits of Couples Therapy

Many couples come for therapy when they find themselves in a “dark”, unfamiliar place.  Often times, they are confused, angry, and frustrated.   This is a normal response to the challenges of a very intimate connection.   Deep connections are fostered in the center of the human brain.  Interestingly, this is the same place where our reactions begin.  These reactions are deep seated defense mechanisms that include fear and anger, among many others.   It is no wonder why many couples find themselves feeling lost and uncertain.

As human beings, we are “hard wired” for connection.  At our very core, we desire to connect with another.  Most of us want to connect with one very special person; our “soul mate,” our “perfect match,” or the person who understands us better than anyone else.  Desire or chemistry is a powerful force that pulls us like a magnet to one another.   In this early stage of relationship, many couples find that their relationship is natural, easy and free flowing, without any resistance or emotional upheaval.

Since we are individuals first, we enter relationships with set ideas about how things “should be.”  These assumptions can provide a perfect opportunity for misunderstandings and disagreements.  Examples of these misunderstandings can be something as major as how to raise children or as minor as how one loads the dishwasher.  Some couples manage these issues quite well, until significant life changes begin to occur.  Our connection to one another is fertile ground for friction.  Seeing friction as opportunity for growth is one of the key principles of IMAGO Relationship Therapy, and the foundation of my work with couples.  

In working with couples, I am a guide and coach.   I provide directions, information, and a way out of the “dark” place, in the form of a new way to communicate with one another – IMAGO Dialogue.  IMAGO Dialogue is a path toward long lasting, satisfying, intimacy.  It is a way into the warmth of safety and security; encouraging healing, and restoring passion and hope.

If you are ready to begin a new journey in your relationship, I invite you to call or email me to learn more about this process, or make an appointment to come in to discuss how it works.  (478-737-8200), [email protected].) 

To find out more about the IMAGO couples weekend workshops, I invite you to go online and visit several of the sites listed below. IMAGO workshops offer programming specifically designed to “jump start” your relationship toward intimacy and are offered throughout the year.

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